Khao Luang Cave

100 year old beautiful cave temple with a hole in ceiling allowing sunlight to pour in illuminating the inside.

Inside the serene cave is a large collection of Buddha images, notably a huge reclining Buddha image.

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  • 07:00-18:00
  • Open Every Day
  • 70km from Hua Hin

About Khao Luang Cave

Large multi-caverned cave, is quite serene and beautiful. Stalactites emanating from the ceiling and a large apeture allowing light rays into the cavern, illuminating some of the Buddha images, creates a mystical setting.

There are many Buddha images inside the cave and also a very large reclining Buddha and Subduing Mara Buddha.


  • Amazing, Huge reclining Buddha
  • 4m tall Bhumisparsha gesture Buddha image.


  • Toilets


  • free to enter
  • ฿15 for optional ride up the hill to entrance


Many monkeys around the entrance that can snatch anything held in your hands.