Kui Buri National Park

Mixed forest and rainforest areas are home to a rich abundance of wildlife and herds of wild elephants and gaurs.

It is a perfect place to observe these animals in their natural habitat, due to the open accessible areas.

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  • 06:00-18:00
  • Open Every Day
  • 85km from Hua Hin

About Kui Buri National Park

The park is home to one of the largest gaur populations and Thailand and also many herds of wild elephants.

In order to observe the elephants in the grazing areas a safari vehicle and guided tour when you get there as you can't take your own vehicle in, and you also cannot pre-book.

The wildlife watching areas are only open from 2pm onwards as there are not many animals to observe earlier than this.


  • Hueai Luek Wildlife Watching Area
  • Wildlife in its natural habitat
  • Lookout tower


  • Toilets
  • Visitors center


  • 200 THB for adults (children 100 THB)
  • 950 THB for vehicle and guided tour per group


A guided safari-style vehicle must be booked on arrival if you wish to visit the Huai Luek Wildlife Watching Area.