Pala U Waterfall

A multi-level waterfall that is actually inside the southern part of Kaeng Krachan National Park
The waterfall cascades through the rainforest and the waters pool at the base of rocks forming swimming areas.
In order to climb each section you will need to either walk a short distance (around 200m) through the forest paths, or across rocks.

The waters are safe to swim and can provide a cool getaway from the hot weather during summer months as the forest provides shade and the waters never stop flowing.

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About Pala U

Running through the southern edge of Kaeng Krachan National Park, Pala U waterfall is not a single waterfall area, more of a series of levels where the water cascades down.

A trek though the forest or a walk along the rocks is required to navigate up to each level, but these levels are different in their characteristics so it is worth climbing up a few sections (at least) to see. Some of the levels have a larger swimming area, where others feature the waters winding down and through, or cascading at a faster rate.

Decent footwear is helpful and the first three levels are simple to access, fourth & fifth a little harder but should be no problem at all for most and the 5th level has a good swimming area. Beyond this it requires much more trekking and it not advisable.

A rich abundance of wildlife is in this area, and you will most likely see different birds, butterflies and fish, and maybe also elephants on the road in, and possibly lesser apes in the surrounding forest.


  • Water flowing all year round
  • Wildlife in its natural habitat
  • Areas for swimming


  • Toilets


  • You have to buy a ticket there for entrance to the national park itself (not just the waterfall) - this is ฿300 adults/฿200 children.
  • There is also a car parking fee of ฿30 per car.


Does not have a shop or restaurant so take your own food and especially water

Good footwear is helpful to get up to the 5th level. See the gallery for the type of terrain.