Sam Roi Yot National Park Tour #01

Khao Sam Roi Yot is marine national park, so it is a unique and beautiful, just outside of Hua Hin. The combination of so many different features make it unlike any other national park in Thailand; Diverse range of indigenous wildlife, vast freshwater marshland, waterfalls, caves, white sand beaches, long stretches of limestone cliffs (Khao-Sam-Roi-Yot literally translates to 300 peaks mountain), but perhaps the most famous aspect of the area is the Phraya Nakhon Cave. The cave is actually a huge cavern, housing a beautiful pavilion that has traditionally been visited by Thailand's rulers.

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01 Khao Sam Roi Yot National ParkThailand's first marine national park.

Just outside of Hua Hin is the beautiful national park of Khao Sam Roi Yot which is home to many species of indigenous wildlife such as serows (antelope-like mammals), langur monkeys and various water birds and migratory birds (depending on the time of the year). The area runs adjacent to the sea, and is mainly a wetland area with the mountains forming a spectacular backdrop from which the region is named.

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02 Phraya Nakhon CaveSpectacular, large cavern, with a wooden pavilion deep inside.

Probably the most recognised place to visit of the national park is this cave, which is mainly two extremely large caverns which catch sunlight through the ceiling openings and where a small Royal pavilion was built underneath.

It is just over a 30 minute trek uphill to the steps that lead down to the cave so it advisable to take a bottle of water and appropriate footwear, and would not be a recommended hike for the very elderly/young, those of ill-health or unsteady on their feet; The path up is sheltered by flora but can be quite hot/humid depending on the weather and there are some rocks underfoot which can be slippery if wet or if not wearing the right type of shoe.

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03 Lunch at a local restaurantat the beach, or elsewhere.

04 Pranburi Forest ParkRoyal preservation natural mangrove forest.

Walk through the mangrove forest trail on an elevated boardwalk where you can see a variety of wildlife fish, crabs, monitor lizards, birds (sometimes Kingfishers). There is also an overlook tower within which can be climbed to view above the ceiling of the forest and amazing views beyond to the adjacent pine tree-lined beach on the Gulf of Thailand and mountains the other side.

There are long boats mid-way inside and an extra boat trip can be taken with them along the estuary through the mangroves, to the river mouth and the fishing port. (NB. The boat trips are not available all year round due to the low water levels after the summer months, so should be there from July onwards. It is still worth a visit to walk through the forest even without taking the extra boat ride).

05 Rajabhak Park7 giant bronze statues of historic Thai Kings.

Historically themed park which main feature are the statyes of 7 important kings in Thailand's history dating back to the 13th century (Sukothai period). The statues are a display of high quality bronze-work and are intrically detailed, despite being very large and around 15m in height each. The main information signs on each king is in Thai, but there is further information in a separate tented area in English.

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  • Tour stopKhao Sam Roi Yot National Park

    Visit the marine national park area.

  • Tour stopPhraya Nakhon Cave

    Climb the steps or take a boat around to the base of the mountain, where a further hike is necessary to enter this beautiful cavern.

  • StopLunch at a local restaurant

    Maybe relax and enjoy some local sea food, or grab a quick bite.

  • Tour stopPranburi Forest Park

    Stroll along the wooden boardwalks through the mangrove forest.

  • Tour stopRajabhak Park

    View the impressive 15m bronze statues of 7 historic Kings of Thailand.

  • Arrivalback at your hotel in Hua Hin

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This is a tour to Thailand's first marine national park, and you can get to experience all its scenic and natural beauty and leave the bustle of the town for a day.


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